Telia Acquires IT Company AK Süsteemid

On November 11, Telia Estonia and AK Süsteemid signed an agreement whereby Telia Estonia would purchase IT services business from AK Süsteemid.

Telia Estonia, the biggest IT and telecoms company in Estonia, and AK Süsteemid, an Estonian IT company, signed an agreement whereby Telia Estonia would purchase IT systems business unit from AK Süsteemid. In the coming days, Telia Estonia will send the Estonian Competition Authority an application for the approval of the agreement. The agreement will enter into force after the Competition Authority has approved it.

“I am very happy that two IT companies have decided to join their strengths. We both want our customers to be able to focus on their business and make sure that they don’t have to worry about IT – it is our job to make their daily lives as simple as possible and also solve complex situations. I believe that by combining the strengths of both companies, we can offer customers better experience,“ said Tarmo Kärsna, Head of B2B segment and Member of the Board at Telia Estonia.

“Most of AK Süsteemid customers are already Telia customers in one way or another, and they will certainly benefit from this deal. First, communication will become easier as there will be only one company and account manager to communicate with, and because we will have a better overview of our customers’ IT and telecommunications needs, we will be able to give better advice. I highly value the experience of AK Süsteemid to provide services to international companies,“ Kärsna added.

“Telia has been a good competitor to AK Süsteemid for a long time. Because the market of IT infrastructure solutions is becoming increasingly more service orientated, it is very important to invest in the development of services and increase business revenue. In this business environment, consolidation on the market is a natural process,“ commented Lauri Mihkelson, Member of the Board at AK Süsteemid.

Telia Estonia is the largest IT and telecommunications services provider in Estonia whose product portfolio covers most companies’ IT infrastructure needs – from computer workstations and e-mail services to cloud-based server solutions and internet connection. Telia Estonia’s IT services are used by more than 600 companies and government organizations across Estonia, including large banks, several government ministries and many small and medium-sized companies.

AK Systems was founded in 1997. The company focuses on long-term customer relations by providing modern IT infrastructure solutions along with related consultancy and project management services. AK Süsteemid provides IT services for more than 100 companies and organizations in Estonia and 8 foreign countries in cooperation with local partners.

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