Roam Like Home in EU with Telia

Today, on April 20th, Telia introduced its new mobile plans, which enable to roam in European Union countries at home rates.

Telia is the first carrier in Estonia to enable its residential and business customers to use roaming services (voice, messaging, data) at home rates in European Union countries (EU).

New Mobile Life plans for residential customers provide up to a third bigger mobile data allowance. At the same, GB price will decrease in new plans. The new set of Mobile Life plans includes 8 plans with different data allowances that can be used in Estonia and in EU. Additionally, new plans will have much bigger voice and messaging allowances to be used across EU. For more information on Mobile Life plans, visit Telia website here .

According to Dan Strömberg, CEO at Telia Estonia, it is important for Telia that customers would be able to use mobile services in EU without having to worry about large bills two months before roaming regulation comes into force.

“Our experience shows that if people could use mobile services abroad for the same price as in Estonia, they would use their phones much more actively while traveling. This is why we increased voice and data allowances in our plans. We wish that our customers would not have to turn off mobile data while traveling or worry about large bills.”

We have also upgraded our plans for business customers. Just like with Mobile Life, Mobile Business plans will have increased data allowances and lower GB rates. For more information on Mobile Business plans, visit Telia website here .

Both residential and business customers can set up custom plans by choosing monthly allowances for voice, messaging and data. Additionally, Mobile Life and Mobile Business subscribers can share mobile data with up to 5 smart devices and/or family members.

Those Telia customers who do not wish to use roaming services in EU at home rates can continue using their current plans.

In the middle of June, EU’s roaming regulation will enter into force, which subjects carriers to harmonize domestic and intra-EU roaming rates.

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