Roam Like Home Has Made People Use More Mobile Data While Traveling Than at Home

One year ago today, Telia began offering mobile data in the Nordic and Baltic countries at home rates. This has caused a substantial increase in roaming data usage.

On January 20, 2016, Telia made it possible for its Mobile Life residential and business customers to use mobile data services in the Nordic (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway) and Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) just as they do at home. This means that mobile data usage is billed as per rates valid in Estonia, without roaming surcharges.

According to Helve Rammul, Service Manager at Telia Estonia, this step has made a great influence on people’s data usage habits – before this change, some people turned mobile data off while traveling, but now even those who keep it off at home turn it on in roaming.

“Our Mobile Life residential customers traveling in the Nordic and Baltic countries use twice as much mobile data than they use at home. This shows that people feel comfortable using mobile data,“ Rammul explained.

Saving on costs is also a factor. Compared to standard roaming rates, Mobile Life customers save more than €10 in one day (using mobile data abroad).

One year ago today, on January 20, 2016, Telia introduced its new name and brand. Together with the new brand, Telia launched several great offers for its customers.

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