Nõmme kaetakse kiire internetivõrguga

Telia launched a large project to upgrade its broadband network in the Nõmme district in Tallinn. The project will bring fast and modern broadband to the historical residential area.

According to Toivo Praakel, Head of Network and Infrastructure Development at Telia Estonia, the whole district of Nõmme will be get the new network, which will cover consumers’ needs both today and in the future.

“The modern network will reach more than 7,500 homes. One thousand homes already have the fiber optic connection, 4,000 more are being built, and for 2,500 homes the technical solution is currently being designed.“

Most of the homes in Nõmme district will be receiving Internet via the fiber optic connection, which enables broadband speeds up to 1 Gbps. In certain areas, Telia will continue to offer internet over its current copper network, but with the new technology the speeds will reach up to 200 Mbps.

“We want to increase the speeds by ten-fold for all our customers in Nõmme by the end of next year,“ Toivo Praakel added.

In order to make the broadband upgrade process as smooth as possible, Telia would like to ask help from the people of Nõmme.

“Please be prepared to communicate and share information about cables and other undergroud utilities on your property with Telia’s partners who are designing the netowork,“ Toivo Praakel said.

In most cases, modernization of the broadband will not bring additional costs to the people of Nõmme. Telia’s partners who will contact the people will provide more information about the works.

The information about the developments of the broadband at Nõmme is available online at www.telia.ee/tulevikuinternet.

On this website, it is possible to check what broadband speeds are available and when the Future Network will reach a certain house by entering an address. It is also possible to subscribe to a request to join the fast broadband, so that the service provider or Telia’s partners can contact you, if necessary.

If there is no information on the website about when the Future Network will reach a certain address, it means that the development has not yet reached this particular area. In this case, it is still useful to leave your contact information and request to join the fast network, because the website is updated constantly.

Bringing the high-speed broadband to Nõmme is part of Telia’s project carried out between 2017 and 2020 to modernize its internet network. During this time, Telia will invest approximately €50 million in the modernization of its broadband network.

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