Mobile ID Becomes Especially Handy When Many ID Cards Expire in 2017

According to the data from Police and Border Guard Board, approximately 200,000 ID cards need to be replaced this year. During the replacement period, Mobile ID can become a very useful tool.

With Mobile ID, you don’t have to worry about not being able to use authentication services or sign documents digitally when you need to.

“Mobile ID can become very handy in unexpected situations because it enables to perform transactions even when other documents and ID card are not available,“ said Allan Dobrõš, Head of Internet and Voice services at Telia Estonia.

According to Allan Dobrõš, most people who have tried Mobile ID have continued using it because it is a convenient, secure and fast method of performing bank transactions, signing documents digitally and using other e-state services.

At the end of last year, 75,000 Telia customers used Mobile ID. The number of Mobile ID users has grown approximately 25% in one year.

According to SK ID Solutions, 41 million transactions (authorizations and signatures) were performed with Mobile ID in 2016 in Estonia, 26 million of which were done by Telia customers. Today, the number of transactions performed by Telia customers has grown to 2.7 million per month.

Mobile ID is a digital identification document, which can be obtained for free at Telia stores.

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