Estonia’s 100th Anniversary App Ready to Receive Location Announcements from Estonian people

The EV100 app created for the Estonia’s 100th anniversary connects globally all fans of Estonia. The app enables visitors to save their current location on the map.

By clicking on the button ❤ Estonia! and confirming your current location you can show that Estonia has a special place in your hearth. After you click the button the map will show a luminous dot that marks your location. You can also set your location on the map by calling a toll-free number 800 8100 or by pressing the ❤ Estonia! button on the website..

We can all watch the map filled with luminous dots together on April 16 at 6.40 p.m. when ETV will show a live transmission of the EV100 opening event. The map is also available in the EV100 app and online at Let’s watch together how many people have announced their location to show their love for Estonia.

“Ernest Hemingway has once said that in every port in the world, at least one Estonian can be found. At the eve of Estonia’s 100th anniversary we can create a unique world map to show in which parts of the world Estonians are today. We invite all friends of Estonia, both in Estonia and abroad, to announce their location and share the app with other Estonians to create as diverse picture as possible,“ said Dan Strömberg, CEO at Telia Estonia.

In addition to the map, the app has the following features:

  • You can watch how the border between Estonian and Livonian Governates disappears at the EV100 opening event on April 16, 2017;
  • You can show that Estonia has a special place in your heart by clicking on the button in the app;
  • You can get an overview of Estonia’s 100th anniversary events;
  • You can create a list of events you are interested in;
  • You can read EV100 news and media releases.

The EV100 app is available in Estonian, English, and Russian, and it can be downloaded for free at Google Play and iTunes.

The Republic of Estonia celebrates its 100th birthday in 2018. The EV100 app, which enables people to participate in birthday celebrations, is Telia’s gift to Estonia.

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