Eesti Telekom ostab Green IT

Today Eesti Telekom signed a deal to acquire Green IT, a fast growing IT company.

Eesti Telekom has submitted an application to Estonian Competition Authority for receiving clearance for the purchase. The transaction will be finalized after approval from Estonian Competition Authority.

After the transaction, Green IT will continue its operations as a separate company and will continue to use its current brand name.

“We want to make consumers’ daily life as simple as possible so that they could focus on their business and would not have to worry about issues related to IT,“  Green IT is very good at providing services related to IT asset management, and thus we now have a larger team that can fulfill our customers’ wishes even better,“ said Tarmo Kärsna, Head of B2B Segment and Member of the Board at Eesti Telekom.

“Eesti Telekom has been our good competitor for a long time. As IT market becomes more service-focused, it is important to constantly invest in service development and increase company revenue. In this view, consolidation is a natural process,“ said Margo Luberg, CEO at Greent IT.

Eesti Telekom is the largest IT and telecom services provider and a market leader providing services that cover most of companies’ IT infrastructure needs – from computer workstations and e-mail services to cloud-based server solutions and internet connection. Eesti Telekom’s IT services are used by more than 1,000 companies and government organizations across Estonia, including large banks, several government ministries and many small and medium-sized companies.

Green IT, established in 2006, is an Estonian capital-based fast-growing IT company that provides IT asset management services. Greent IT’s home market is the Baltics. Green IT customers have entrusted the company with more than 60,000 IT devices with a total value of over €10 million. Green IT has a total of 150 customers from the private and public sector.

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