Cutting State Levy Increased Mobile ID Usage

This year, the number of Mobile ID users has increased rapidly, which in turn has also increased the number of Mobile ID transactions.
In August this year, the number of Mobile ID users hit a milestone, reaching 100,000 in Estonia. This year, the number of Telia customers who use Mobile ID increased by 18,000 and reached 73,000.
Leila Leeben, Residential Voice Services Area Manager at Telia Estonia affirmed that the number of Mobile ID users has grown substantially compared to previous year as Telia gained 11,000 new Mobile ID subscribers.
"The reason for this increase is the fact that since March 2016 the state levy is included in service's monthly fee. Prior to this change, the €10 levy hindered people from subscribing. Also, more and more people see convenience of Mobile ID, and are therefore keen to adopt the service," Leeben explained.
According to the certification center, 3.75 million Mobile ID (MID) transactions are performed each month. In total, 15 million electronic transactions are performed in Estonia each month (ID card, Mobile ID, Digital ID, digital stamp).
MID is used in the same way as ID card, i.e. mostly for bank transaction and state services (e.g. Tax and Customs Board services, state registry system). We can safely say that those who have started using Mobile ID will remain active users, because this is a quick and convenient way of performing various transactions.
An average Mobile ID user performs 30 transactions (signatures and authentications) each month.

Mobile ID is a digital identity solution for mobile phone issued by Estonian state. It enables to log in to e-services and sign documents digitally. Mobile ID is issued upon validating the person's identity with ID card.

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