Changes in TV and Home Internet Services

Telia will change TV and Home Internet prices on May 1 and encourages all smartTV users to switch to modern Telia TV.

Telia has focused on development of modern TV and high-quality Internet services for many years. During this time, Telia TV has been expanded with several new services, e.g. free FOXPlay, modern and easy-to-use TV guide, and Video Rental’s personal movie recommendations. Additionally, Telia is the only Internet service provider in Estonia which offers symmetrical speeds (for example, 100 Mbps for download and 100 Mbps for upload).

However, the cost of services’ content has been increasing (for example, channel rights). In order to be able to provide modern and constantly improving services, the prices of various TV services (old smartTV, Telia TV, MINU.TV) will change on May 1, and the base monthly fee for all TV services will increase from €5 to €6.

At the same time, Telia TV users will be able to enjoy several channels in HD quality for free. HD is available for Kanal2, Kanal11, and Kanal12 since February; for Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 from today; and in April, Sony Channel and Sony Turbo will join the list. In the future, more channels will follow.

Telia encourages all smartTV users to switch to modern and constantly improving Telia TV service, which offers much richer content experience starting at just €6 a month. Telia plans to close the old smartTV platform in the in fall of 2017. Today, already 90% of our TV customers use the new Telia TV platform.

The new Telia TV offers:

  • better selection of main channels;
  • ad-free catch-up service, which enables to watch Estonian TV shows after they have aired;
  • Movie Shelf with hundreds of free movies and TV series. New arrivals each week;
  • Free on-demand TV series on FOXplay;
  • Kid’s Corner with carefully selected content;
  • Recording service for over 130 channels;
  • Video rental with a rich selection and personal movie recommendations.

The rates of different Home Internet plans will also be changed to become more harmonized. Home Internet 100/100 service running on fiber optics will cost €25 (previously €26), Home Internet 500/500 will cost €42 (previously €50), and Home Internet 50/50 will cost €22 (previously €21). This will make faster Internet speeds more affordable.

According to clause 2.6.1 of Telia Eesti AS General Terms and Conditions, Telia may change prices, if, compared to the time of establishing of the fee or condition, any circumstance that was a basis for establishing the fee or condition, or was related to the fee or condition or business environment, has changed (including e.g. the Consumer Price Index, employment costs or other input costs, scope, parameters or essence of the Service, general market situation etc.).

If the customer does not wish to continue using the eHome service with changed terms, it is possible to withdraw from the eHome agreement without paying a contractual fine by notifying Telia before 2017/04/30.

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