Change of SIM card and Renewal of Mobile ID Certificates Now Available Online via Telia’s Website

Up until now, customers had to visit a Telia store to renew their Mobile ID certificates. Now, they can do it conveniently online via Telia’s website.

Mobile ID certificate has an expiration date for security reasons. When the certificates expire, SIM card must be changed and new certificate must be obtained online via

Telia is the first carrier to offer this new and innovative solution and enable customers to extend Mobile ID certificates without having to physically visit a store.

When customer’s Mobile ID certificate is about to expire, Telia will send a new SIM card to the customer by mail, along with instructions on how to activate the SIM card and renew certificates online. In other words, it is possible to change the SIM card for the phone number that uses the Mobile ID service online through the Telia Mobile Services self-service, and continue to use Mobile ID on the new SIM card.

The new solution was made possible thanks to good collaboration and agreements made with the Certification Centre and the Police and Border Guard Board.

  • New SIM card is free for the customer if Mobile ID certificate expires in 60 days (we will send the new SIM card by mail). In 2016, 7,000 Mobile ID certificates expire, and thus, the new solution saves customers time, as they do not have to visit a Telia store.
  • It is possible to get the new SIM card for free when buying a smartphone at Telia online store. Many smartphones are bought online that may need a new SIM card because the old SIM card is incompatible with the new phone (micro SIM vs nano SIM).
  • The new SIM card can be bought online separately for €1.

To change the SIM card online, visit:

Telia has approximately 60,000 Mobile ID customers, and the number is growing daily.

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