Change in General Terms and Conditions

Telia will change Telia’s General Terms and Conditions on 2017/03/10.

We will change clause 2.6 of Terms in order to bring the Terms into conformity with the changes in legislation In the future, instead of notifying about changes in communication services Terms by publishing it on its website, Telia will notify the Customer personally on customer’s bill and/or by email, or SMS. In case Telia does not have customer’s email address, Telia will send the notification by regular mail. Additionally, we will specify the wording of clause 3.11 of the Terms.

The change in Terms will not have significant effect on daily use of services.

According to clause 2.6 of the Terms, Telia may change the Terms due to changes in legislation, or if there is need to specify circumstances related to the Service.

The changed Terms are available on Telia’s website at, Diil’s website at, and in Telia stores. The Terms will enter into force for all Telia and Diil contracts by default and automatically on 2017/3/10.

Customers who do not wish to use Telia’s services with the changed terms can withdraw from the contract without having to pay contractual penalty by notifying Telia before March 10, 2017.

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