27% of School Children Experience Cyberbullying

Survey conducted by the Estonian Union for Children Welfare shows that 27% of school children experience cyberbullying, and thus the issue should be addressed more actively.

The Estonian Union for Children Welfare conducted a survey „Targalt internetis“ between May and October 2016. The initial results were published at the union’s annual conference on November 22. The survey included 1,022 school children and showd that 27.2% of them have experienced cyberbullying during the last year, and 17% of children admitted to have bullied others online. The complete report is available on the “Targalt internetis“ website at www.targaltinternetis.ee.

“In order to reduce and prevent cyberbullying, different parties must work together. Thus, the Union for Children Welfare and Telia Estonia will start a closer cooperation to prevent cyberbullying among children and young people,“ said Kerli Valner, “Targalt internetis“ communications manager at the Union for Children Welfare.

Heddy Ring, Head of CSR at Telia Estonia added that Telia will no longer make traditional Christmas presents for its partners, instead the company will make a donation to the Union for Children Welfare.

“This year we are starting a new tradition because we believe that a good deed is more useful and brings more joy compared to simply giving away things with decreasing value,“ Ring said.

According to Heddy Ring, Telia will donate 10,000 euros to support activities against cyberbullying.

Maarja Punak, an online police constable, noted that bullying is seen among both young people and adults, and that it is just as harmful as psychological terror in real life.

“Bullying can be prevented by shaping attitudes of young people and teaching them safe online behavior. Also, everyone should stand up against online bullying by speaking up or notifying the site moderators,“ Punak said.

According to the online police constable, most of online bullying is done by creating false accounts and posting insults.

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