Telia vaseklientideni jõuab nüüd kordades kiirem internet

Last week, Telia launched new and much faster broadband plans for residential customers who use copper connection to connect to Internet.

On the second week of April, Telia began activating VDSL2+V and V35B technologies in its copper network. These technologies enable replacing the old ADSL technology and offer much faster broadband speeds for Telia’s residential internet customers.

New plans and speeds are already available to approximately 1,000 customers across Estonia. Faster copper network will become available to 25,000 customers by the end of this year.

Telia offers four broadband plans for residential customers who use copper connection:

Price incl. VAT /monthSpeed (VDSL2+V), MbpsSpeed (V35B), Mbps

Due to technological properties of the copper network, there are some exceptions in the availability of the new plans. If the customer’s distance from the network hub is more than 800m, it is not always possible to offer speeds of 50/10 Mbps. In this case, the customer can use speeds of 30/10 Mbps for €21/month. Speeds of 200/50 Mbps and 100/25 Mbps require the distance to the network hub to be less than 600m. Additionally, these speeds require a new router (DG 400), which can be purchased from Telia’s online store. Slower speeds can be used with Inteno router.

Telia will send a personal notification to every customer who will be able to use the faster broadband speeds. Additionally, customers can use Telia’s self-service to check if faster speeds have become available at their location.

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