More Than 11,000 Estonians Use VoLTE Voice Calls

As of August this year, 11,000 Estonians are using 4G or VoLTE for making calls. VoLTE was launched in Estonia last year.

Telia launched VoLTE or voice over LTE technology for making calls over 4G network last summer. Since then the number of phones that support VoLTE calls has increased rapidly, and this, in turn, has increased the number of VoLTE users. As of August, there were more than 11,300 VoLTE users in Telia’s network.

In July this year, many new VoLTE-supported phones were launched - for instance, Huawei P10 Plus, Huawei P10, Huawei P10 Lite, Samsung Galaxy S8 ja S8+, Samsung J3 (2017), Sony Xperia XZ Premium. There are also several phones with VoLTE support that have been on the market since last year - S7/S7 Edge, Sony Xperia XZ/XZS, Microsoft Lumia 950, 650, 550. The selection of VoLTE phones will keep growing quickly.

New VoLTE phones support automatic activation of VoLTE calls. Previously, the user had to activate VoLTE service manually, but now VoLTE is activated by default for those who have a VoLTE phone with upgraded software and a 4G data plan.

“This makes it possible to take new generation mobile calls to masses. We estimate that the number of VoLTE users in Telia’s network will grow to more than twenty thousand in the near future,“ said Silver Kurrikoff, Head of Internet and Voice Services at Telia Estonia.

VoLTE enables excellent call quality and almost instant call connection speed. Those who have subscribed to a data plan will be glad to notice that their phone will not be switching to 3G upon making or receiving calls.

Of course, Telia’s 2G and 3G services will also remain operational alongside VoLTE in order to provide voice service for users of older phones. Additionally, if the signal strength is weak in the 4G network, VoLTE phone will be able switch to 2G or 3G without breaking up the call.

For more information about VoLTE, visit Telia’s website at here.

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