Kids’ Corner - fun for your child

Kids’ very own TV corner that also the parents like, as it is packed with hand-picked TV shows, cartoons and kids’ movies.

  • The whole content is non-violent and either in Estonian or Russian.
  • Children can easily use the site as it uses pictures to communicate
  • The monthly fee for Kids’ Corner is €3
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Fun and easy to use

Kids’ Corner uses pictures and characters to communicate with children, so that the youngest members of the family can manage on their own.

Kids’ Corner channels

Kids’ Corner features localized channels in Estonian that broadcast non-violent TV shows and cartoons meant for the youngest members of the family.

Please note: If you use Kids’ Corner via MINU.TV, only the Kid Zone TV channel and our hand-picked selection of TV shows, cartoons and kids’ movies will be available. Kids’ Corner on Telia TV via our set top box will receive all kids channels.

Order Kids’ Corner and see it all for yourself

The monthly fee for Kids’ Corner is €3 and you do not need extra devices to use the service.

You have to have the new TV package to order Kids’ Corner. If you do not have the Telia TV package, order it from the self-service or if you use the old smartTV service, order it from your TV screen.

Read more about the TV package