• Production of Estonian TV channels is available ad-free during 8 days after being aired
  • Convenient option to fast forward/backward
  • You can pause the show and continue watching it later

CATCH UP TV service is included in the Telia TV basic plan without additional fee


  • You can watch shows and movies that have been aired during the past two weeks whenever it is convenient for you - everything is recorded automatically
  • 130+ recordable channels
  • Watch the show currently being aired from the beginning
  • Using Telia TV Recording MINU.TV is always free.

Try "Recording" service free until 31.01.2018.

Offer terms

Recording service fee is 5 €/month

Try one month free

Catch up TV

Did you miss the show? Don’t worry – CATCH UP TV enables watching the production of Estonian TV channels ad-free during 8 days after being aired. Thus, you can watch the shows whenever it is convenient for you.

CATCH UP TV service is included in the Telia TV basic plan without additional fee.


Wouldn’t it be great to watch your favorite Tuesday show on Saturday when you have time to enjoy it?

The Recording service has tons of options to do just that. It has 130+recordable channels and it doesn’t require any additional devices. Shows and movies from the past 2 weeks are recorded automatically, and you can record your favorite shows separately as well. After you’ve recorded a show once, the smart service will automatically record the following episodes of the show. Your recordings are available under the menu item “My recordings”.

Recording service fee is €5 /month

Recordable channels


Order TV and recording

  • The Recording service has a monthly fee of €5. No additional devices are required.
  • Subscribe to the service and try it 1 month for free!

In order to be able to use the Recording service, you need to have the new Telia TV. If you don’t have it, order it through Telia’s self-service, or from your TV screen if you have the old nutiTV.

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