We aim to make navigating and finding information on Telia’s website as easy as possible. This is why we continuously develop our website. Please find description of the latest changes below.

Changes as of 13.10


  • When you log into the Telia self-service, you will notice an update notification under “My/Company’s settings”. Make sure your contact information is correct!
  • Once you have logged into the Telia self-service, you can see direct links to services, invoices and settings. Business clients will also see quick links after logging in.


  • When signing a new contract with Telia, you can now start transferring your mobile number to Telia’s network from another network even if the number is currently in someone else’s name (private or legal person).


  • The page “My invoices” also displays the current months’ monthly balance of a user-based number. NB! You can see the invoice in the private client view, not the phone owner view.
  • If several numbers are related to one invoice, the users of these numbers can order and change services without authorisation in the future. The placed order will be sent to the invoice owner for confirmation.


  • The person-based contact information view displays association-based contact information, which can be altered and associations can, if necessary, be removed.

Changes from Sept. 15


  • Location of the shopping cart for home services has changed in the self-service portal. The cart is now available on the top right side of the page. Additionally, page view has been updated.




  • Corporate customers can close the number on the mobile services self-service Internet and voice calls page
  • To improve navigation, Overview page has been removed
  • Due to removal of the Overview page, sending SMS has been moved to “Additional services” -> SMS.
  • It is possible to continue to use Mobile ID service upon changing SIM card if the new SIM card is active.


  • The system of passwords and delegation of powers will be changed in the Telia self-service.


In order to make using the Telia self-service more convenient and easier, we are renewing principles related to delegation of powers assigned by the customer for performing various transactions at Telia.

As of August 16, 2016, it is possible to create and change powers of attorney (POA) for home, business, and mobile services conveniently in one place.

The following has been changed:

The rights previously further delegated with POA and rights based on mobile numbers can no longer be used by authorized persons as of August 16, 2016. If the customer wants to further delegate powers, a new POA must be created. This can be done through the Telia self-service after logging in on private customers contacts page or business customers contacts page.

In the future, both private and business customers can create a POA with the right to further delegate for specific actions – purchase of goods, subscription to services, signing contracts. Right to further delegate cannot be given for billing transactions, as well as ordering itemized service usage lists and outgoing calls lists.

It is no longer possible to create POA for mobile number based subscription to services. It is possible to give the authorized person the right to subscribe to services. However, that includes the option to perform transactions for all family or company numbers.

POA now has a fixed term, the maximum is 3 years.

Personal password is a convenient and secure way to identify a person over the phone. The password will become user-based also for company representatives, which means that company employees can perform transactions on their personal and company account using the same password. Customers can view and change their personal password through the Telia self-service by logging in as private customers and going to My settings → Security

We apologize for any temporary inconveniences this change may cause.



“My settings” displays the list of current contact persons and authorized persons. Contact details can be changed.

  • Private customer: Log in to self-service portal, open “My settings” -> “Contact details”.
  • Business customer: Select “Business customer”, log in to self-service portal, open “Company settings” and “Contact persons”.

Changing authorizations will become possible latest this fall.


Last month’s invoice amount is displayed for both home and mobile services.

  • Private customer: Log in to self-service portal, open “My invoices”.
  • Business customer: Select “Business customer”, log in to self-service portal and open “Company invoices”.

Invoices from the last 24 months are displayed for both home and mobile services.

  • Private customer: Log in to self-service portal, open “My invoices” and select reference number/consolidated account.
  • Business customer: Select “Business customer”, log in to self-service portal and select reference number/consolidated account.


Several Telia online store views have changed.


Navigation menu of Mobile services has been harmonized with website navigation menu.

Mobile services self-service home page displays reminder for adding contact data for mobile number user.

Mobile services self-service search in the mobile number selection menu shows results from all consolidated accounts. You can search by mobile number or name.

Mobile services self-service has a new “Internet and voice services” page.

  • Private and business customer: log in to self-service portal, click on the “Mobile services” box and select the number you want to view. Then go to navigation menu and select “Mobile services” and “Internet and voice calls”.

Information on data usage abroad can be accessed through the mobile services self-service portal.