Private bill

The Private Bill service makes sure you can always use all mobile services. This service is useful for those whose mobile bill is paid the employer who does not cover mobile parking, or when you need more mobile data than your employer allows.

You don’t need a second number to enjoy all mobile services. You can simply have some services to be billed separately to you. Subscribing to the Private Bill service is free, and there is no monthly fee either.

Subscribe to private bill

Private bill enables users of company numbers:

  • to subscribe to monthly data plans, or buy add-on data packs
  • to pay with mobile bill for services listed here
  • to top-up calling cards
  • to have Mobile ID assigned to a company number

Useful information

If you use a monthly data plan with the Private Bill service and want to use data abroad, the data roaming fee is billed to the company (the fee is calculated based on the daily limit).
If your Mobile Plan includes voice, you can use data in the Nordic and Baltic countries with your home allowance and at your home rates.
If the company number is closed, your Private Bill account will be deactivated as well.
If you take on a data plan which was previously billed to the company in the middle of the month, the monthly fee for the current month is billed to the company, and if you use any data, it will be billed daily to you. If the company takes on your data plan, both parties are billed the full monthly fee.

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