Mobile ID

Mobile ID is a digital identity card on your smartphone.

Like an ID card, Mobile ID enables you to enter e-environments, make payments, sign contracts, give digital signatures and vote at elections.

  • Easy and convenient
    You will not need a card reader or additional software. You can use Mobile ID in Estonia as well as abroad.
  • Secure
    Mobile ID is as secure as an ID card.
  • Unique
    The only solution which allows you to perform e-operations on your smartphone and tablet.

Ordering and fees

Mobile ID is a digital government-guaranteed identity card. Its certificates are issued by the Police and Border Guard Board.

The monthly fee for Mobile ID is €1.

No additional fees apply when using Mobile-ID to conduct transactions in Estonia. When using Mobile-ID abroad, the price of 1–2 text messages will apply to each transaction, depending on the price list of roaming services, which you can find here: Price list

The plans with home network prices in all EU countries get text messages used for Mobile-ID free in other EU countries besides Estonia as well.

You can sign the contract to start using the Mobile ID services at Telia shops. Take along your ID card or if you have the digital ID your Estonian passport as your identity document.

Book a time

The agreement on using the Mobile ID service can be concluded in Telia’s shop. You can prove your identity with your ID card; in case you have a digital ID, please bring the passport of the Republic of Estonia.

Mobile ID can be issued in the name of a company as well as for a private person’s mobile phone that has been provided by the employer.

  • Using Mobile ID as a private person – in case you wish to use the service and pay for your company provided number as a private person, you must select Private invoice.
  • Using Mobile ID in the name of a company – in order for your company to pay your monthly Mobile ID invoice, you must submit a business application.

You can find the application form here (.pdf)

A Mobile ID agreement can also be concluded with a minor from the age of 15. Minors between the ages of 15–18 sign the Mobile ID agreement personally and their legal representative signs the contract to show acceptance that the minor can make the transaction.

One person can have only one Mobile ID agreement!

Applying for certificates

After signing the Mobile ID contract, you will get a new SIM card. Put it into your phone and then apply for Mobile-ID certificates. For that, you will need an ID card and its PIN1 code.

After signing the Mobile ID contract, you will get a new SIM card. Put it into your phone and then apply for Mobile-ID certificates. For that, you will need an ID card and its PIN1 code.

When applying for Mobile ID certificates, you will have to:

  • enter the web-based application environment
  • insert the ID card into the card reader and follow the instructions on the screen.

After successful application for Mobile ID certificates, you can start using your Mobile ID. Your phone number and the usage of other services remains the same.

The digital identity card in the form of Mobile ID is valid for five years (from issuing the certificates). You will have to order a new Mobile ID (sign a contract and apply for certificates) to start using the service again.

Mobile ID is issued based on the Identity Documents Act and in accordance with the Digital Signatures Act. The identity of a person is checked as strictly as when issuing an ID card following the technological and organizational requirements.

Help and FAQs

User instructions and answers to FAQs concerning the use of Mobile ID.


Many Internet banks have set daily limits on payments made with a password card. Instead of a password card use your Mobile ID, which enables you to make transactions without limits and is a secure way to identify yourself on the Internet.

Mobile ID enables you to enter many web services:

Internet banks

  • Swedbank AS – Internet bank
  • SEB Pank AS – Internet bank
  • Eesti Krediidipank AS – i-pank (Internet bank)
  • Danske Bank – Internet bank
  • AS LHV Pank – Internet bank
  • Nordea Bank AB Estonia Branch – Internet bank
  • Inbank AS – Internet bank

Public services

  • Sertifitseerimiskeskus AS – the DigiDoc portal
  • Estonian Informatics Centre – the state portal
  • Ühendatud Piletite AS – ID-pilet (ID ticket)

State authorities

  • Estonian Tax and Customs Board – the e-tax board
  • Centre of Registers and Information Systems – the e-commercial register
  • Centre of Registers and Information Systems – public e-files

Self-services of businesses

  • Telia Eesti AS – self-service
  • Tallinna Kaubamaja AS – Partner Card self-service
  • Eesti Energia AS – e-service
  • Sertifitseerimiskeskus AS – e-service
  • Eesti Väärtpaberikeskus AS – e-register
  • IIZI kindlustusmaakler AS –
  • If P&C Insurance AS – e-office

Web pages supporting ID

  • Ideelabor OÜ – openID
  • E-Küsitlus OÜ – @Survey /JUST ASK
  • Eesti Arhivaar AS – Arhivaar Pro

Read more about using Mobile ID at

In addition to the codes needed to use communication services (like calling and sending messages), the Mobile ID SIM card also has the codes needed to use Mobile ID:

  • Mobile ID PIN1 code to identify yourself
  • Mobile ID PIN2 code to give a digital signature
  • Mobile ID PUK code to unlock the locked Mobile ID PIN codes

The PIN/PUK codes needed to use Mobile ID are on the reverse of the plastic card under scratch foil. Do not scratch the PIN/PUK codes open before you need them.

The menu of the Mobile ID appears on your phone when you insert the Mobile ID SIM into your phone. You can change the PIN codes in the subfolder "Change codes" of the Mobile ID menu. Locked PIN codes can be opened with the PUK code in the subfolder of the Mobile ID menu named "Unblock".

Nobody else but you can know the PIN/PUK codes. Keep them safe!

Mobile ID is issued in accordance with the Identity Documents Act and the Digital Signatures Act.

  • The signature given with a Mobile ID is equal to your hand-written signature and you will be responsible for the consequences.
  • To ensure security, you must keep the PIN/PUK codes of your Mobile ID and your phone separately and avoid the codes ending up in somebody else's possession.
  • If necessary you can deactivate Mobile ID services at the closest Telia shop or when by calling the customer hotline number, which is 123. Mobile ID services can be reactivated only at Telia shops. The monthly fee for Mobile ID is applied even if you deactivate Mobile ID services.
  • If possible, change the Mobile ID PIN codes as soon as you receive your Mobile ID SIM card, but do not use similar codes to remember them better.
  • Do not use easy combinations (0000, 1111, 1234), your birth date, the number of your house or apartment, etc. as PIN codes.
  • If you lend your phone to someone else, you must not give them your Mobile ID PIN/PUK codes.
  • The PUK code is locked if you enter the wrong code three times in a row. If your PUK code is locked or lost, you have to order a new Mobile ID.
  • If you lose your phone and/or SIM card, inform Telia about it immediately by calling the free Telia customer hotline at 123 or visiting the closest Telia shop!
  • Before you start using your Mobile ID, make sure that your phone is nearby, switched on and the screen is unlocked.
  • If you cannot use your Mobile ID in the Internet, try again and if the problem persists, contact the provider of the problematic service. If the response message is delayed after checking that the control codes match and entering the PIN code, the phone notifies you about a failed message. If you abort the operation, you have to start it again.
  • If the control code given in your web browser (IE, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, etc.) is different from the code displayed on your phone screen, abort the operation, close the browser and start again.

If you use your Mobile ID with a phone running on the Windows Phone 8.1 operation system, some peculiarities have to be taken into consideration.

  • If the screen is locked while making a Mobile ID operation, a message is displayed in the upper part of the screen when the control code of Mobile ID is received.
  • When you open the message, you can enter the PIN code.
  • If you do not respond to the message within a certain time period, the message disappears and you need to find it under "Notifications" to enter the PIN code.
  • If you have a screen lock that is protected with a password, you have to first insert the password. Then you can see the control code for Mobile ID.
  • If for any reason the phone has just been switched on, the Mobile ID is activated (and the control code shown) in about three minutes after entering the phone's PIN code.
  • It means that establishing cooperation between the phone and the SIM card takes about 3 minutes.
  • Nokia 3110, 5110, 6110, 6150, N900
  • Motorola F3
  • Some phones that use the Windows Phone 7 software, such as HTC HD7, HTC Trophy and HTC Mozart
  • Google Nexus and Google Nexus S
  • Asus and Motorola tablets
  • Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+ 16 GB 3G + WiFi
  • Tablets working on the full version of Windows 8 and 8.1

SonyEricsson P900 owners need to open the Mobile ID menu each time after switching the phone on and off

After that, all Mobile ID operations can be made until the next switch-off.

Qtek and HTC phones: before each Mobile ID operation open the Mobile ID menu first and leave it open on the screen.

Phones using the Google Android software (HTC, Samsung, etc.) have to be unlocked. Make sure that no menus are open and the usual wallpaper is displayed on the screen. If for any reason authentication with Mobile ID is not possible, restart your phone and retry the operation following the instructions above.


If you have lost or forgotten your Mobile ID PIN codes or the codes may have ended up in the hands of strangers, visit the closest Telia shop to sign a new Mobile ID contract and then apply for Mobile ID certificates on the web page

New PIN codes can be applied for from the Police and Border Guard Board or a bank that offers ID card follow-up services:

Expired ID card certificates can be renewed here.

The Mobile ID messages connected with authentication and giving signatures appear directly on the screen of your phone. You have to enter PIN1 or PIN2 accordingly. On the bill you can see the messages connected with the service as an SMS to the number 14535.

One person can simultaneously have only one pair of active certificates tied to their Mobile ID SIM card.

In case of a new SIM card and/or operator change, you can continue to use the Mobile ID service connected to your previous SIM card until the end of the 5 year validity period of your Mobile ID. Mobile ID certificates must be valid for at least another 30 days at the time the SIM card is changed. Thus, changing your SIM card does not require you to apply for new Mobile ID certificates at

For instance, if you wish to exchange your regular SIM for a micro SIM but wish to continue using the Mobile ID service, you can continue using the service with your new SIM card until your current 5 year Mobile ID validity period expires.

In case your old SIM card is lost/stolen, the Mobile ID certificates of the lost/stolen SIM card will be revoked and you must apply for a new 5 year Mobile ID validity period as well as new Mobile ID certificates. In order to do that:

  1. Visit a Telia shop where you can conclude a new Mobile ID agreement.
  2. Once you have signed the agreement, go to the website, select “Mobile ID” and log in with your ID card.
  3. Click on “Cancel Mobile ID” and then “Apply for new Mobile ID certificate”.



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