High quality internet is fast and reaches everywhere.

Telia’s ultrafast 4G internet with the speed of up to 375 Mbps covers more than 97% of Estonian territory. Our 3.5G network also covers almost the whole country and enables to surf internet with speeds almost as fast as broadband.

Internet speed

The Technical Surveillance Authority measured the quality of mobile internet in different places of Estonia. The results showed that Telia has the best 4G mobile internet coverage, and the highest average download speed. To view the detailed report (in Estonian), click here.

In order to offer the best user experience, we continuously monitor the load of our stations. If the load increases permanently, we will add more capacity or build another station.

How to get the most from mobile internet?

If you are using one of the older plans, we recommend switching to the new Mobile Life or Internet in Computer plan. In order to take advantage of the maximum speed, use a 4G-supported device. Smartphone and tablet may become faster after a restart. The maximum speed of your dongle or router must also exceed the theoretical top speed of your data plan.

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Data speed of mobile connection depends on the selected plan, but also on the user’s distance from the base station, signal strength, and traffic load. However, the maximum theoretical speed that the network supports is not the same as the regular data speed, which is available in different locations across the network coverage, and which is based on user’s average distance from base station and average traffic load.

    Theoretical maximum speed Regular speed
4G Download 375 Mbps 20–60 Mbps
  Upload 50 Mbps 5–20 Mbps
3G Download 2 Mbps 0,5–2 Mbps
    4 Mbps 0,3–1,0 Mbps
    6 Mbps 0,5–5 Mbps
    21,6 Mbps 1–14 Mbps
  Upload 384 kbit/s 64–350 kbit/s
    1 Mbps 0,3–0,8 Mbps
    2 Mbps 0,3–1,0 Mbps
    5,76 Mbps 0,3–3,0 Mbps
EDGE Download 236 kbit/s 30–200 kbit/s
  Upload 118 kbit/s 30–100 kbit/s