Internet in a smart device

Internet connection without a monthly fee allows you to use mobile Internet without signing a contract. You need a prepaid SIM card to surf the net for a day, week or the whole month depending on the package you chose.

Internet without a monthly fee is:

  • everywhere - you can use it on your laptop or tablet in Estonia (in our network that covers 97% of the territory);
  • flexible – you can buy internet data usage via an Internet bank or using a loading card;
  • suitable for everyone – the data card is available in conventional, micro and nano-SIM versions.

You can access the internet card top-up page only through a connection which is made with Telia’s pay-as-you-go internet card here:

Internet package fees

Internet package Speed Data volume Cost
1 day 10 Mbps 1 GB €1
7 days 10 Mbps 5 GB €4
30 days 10 Mbps 15 GB €10
30 days 10 Mbps 20 GB €12

We have the right to change the time period and speed of the Internet packages without an advance notice except for the period of Internet packages already ordered.

Terms and conditions

See the fees and terms and conditions of our Internet data without a monthly fee.

The Internet SIM card without a monthly fee:

  • works in the Telia GSM, 3,5G ja 4G võrgus and
  • does not work abroad.

The maximum usage period of the data card is 6+1 months

  • You can use the data card for six months (180 days) after loading at least €3 on it.
  • If you do not load a prepayment of at least €3 at once on the data card within six months, the card will be temporarily closed. You can still use a valid period ticket until the end of the usage period.
  • If you do not load a prepayment of at least €3 within the following month (30 days), the card will be closed permanently and you will lose the unused prepayment.
  • You will have to buy a new data card to start using the data card again.

NB! If you buy another ticket in addition to the existing ticket, only the new data volume is added to it: the periods of Internet packages are not added up and the usage period of the last ticket bought will become valid.

You can check the validity period and prepayment of your Internet package online. Go to once you have connected your data card.


See how to configure your data card at first use.

Using your data card for the first time:

  • Insert the SIM card into your computer or modem (connect the modem with the computer) and start the connection software of the modem.
  • Insert the initial PIN code "0000".
  • All the modems sold by Telia have been configurated for you. If you did not buy your modem from Telia or you are not sure about the settings, you should create a new connection profile (see the modem user manual). Name the profile created "Telia Internet" and name the APN If you can insert the SIM card directly into your computer, follow the user manual and setting instructions of the computer.
  • To create the Internet connection click on "Create connection" or "Connect".
  • Open the web browser and enter in the address bar. You can only access the page with a data card. When the page opens, to load money on the data card to use the service. Choose the period for which you want to use the Internet.

NB! You need to have a web browser on your device to order the Internet package.


Choose an Internet package for a suitable period (and speed) to use the Internet without a monthly fee.

Choose an Internet package for a suitable period (and speed) to use the Internet without a monthly fee.

Internet package Speed Data volume
1 day 10 Mbps 1 GB
7 days 10 Mbps 5 GB
30 days 10 Mbps 15 GB
30 days 10 Mbps 20 GB

After choosing the period click on "Order" and then "Confirm your order" to confirm your choice. When you see the message "Your Internet package is valid until...", you can start using it.

When your Internet usage period is over or you have used up your data:

  • the connection is cut off and
  • you are again directed to the page where you can choose an Internet package.

There you can choose if you want to continue using the Internet until the end of the period at a limited speed or buy a new Internet package.

Loading money on your data card

When you have used up the prepayment on your data card, you can always load more money to choose a new Internet package. You can do this

  • via an Internet bank: go to, , choose "I want to load money in the Internet bank" and pick a sum. Then choose your bank and you will be directed to the Internet bank to make the payment.
  • with a loading card: buy a Simpel loading card, go to the page and insert the code from the scratch card.

Then you can continue using the Internet immediately.
You can check loading money onto the data card on the page

Loading money on a card in someone else's name (you will need to know the number of the data card).


If you use the Internet more often and need a faster connection and a larger data volume, we recommend using Telia Internet on your computer packages with a monthly fee.

The modem bought with the startup package of the Internet without a monthly fee is also suitable for Telia Internet with a monthly fee. Read more about EMT Internet on your computer packages.