A service of convenience for a new era, for Telia families. Safely and securely.

A simple and convenient service for handling matters within your family

M.ELU is a new mobile service, which helps you to conveniently organize your family matters. M.ELU functions in smartphones (and tablets). To use it, simply download the free M.ELU app to your smartphone and, via the app, invite other family members to become users. Even those family members who use standard phones with buttons can be added as users.

A service with your face

M.ELU is the first telecommunications service that can be set up, quite literally, in your own image. And it is easy! With a few swipes of your finger you can select for each family member, within the framework of the M.ELU app, a personalized large background picture and a small round picture of their face from your smartphone’s picture gallery. Click on “Finished” and you are done.

A map that gives you peace of mind

The M.ELU service shows you a map with the locations of your children. Each family member can also be assigned a personal area; if you want, you can receive a silent notice when they enter into or leave the area. The current location of the family member is displayed in the app, along with the last three movements in relation to the personally set areas. This overview will provide you with peace of mind regarding whether your child arrived safely and on time to school, practice, home, or wherever they were headed.

Convenient overview of mobile internet use

The M.ELU service shows you how much of their monthly mobile Internet volume each family member has used and how much is still available. The Internet is a modern treat for children, which is why the Internet use overview is in the shape of ice cream. Bon appetite!

Internet and TV at home under your control

It is likely that most parents have experiences with a child spending too much time surfing the Internet or watching TV instead of doing school work or cleaning their room. The M.ELU service offers you the convenient opportunity to use your cell phone to switch on and off household Telia devices (for example, WiFi) or to direct the operation of devices (for example, change TV channels or temporarily restrict access to some channels), to ensure that homework is completed and everyone has more time to spend with each other in the evening.

Bring your family together in hectic times

These days, everyone is in a hurry. Someone is in school, someone is at work, someone is at practice, and someone is out with friends. To ensure that joint family activities are better organized, you can use the M.ELU app to manage a family shopping list, calendar and notice board. All family members can add their wishes to the shopping list, mark important events in the calendar, and you can keep all of your family members up to date with your activities via notices on the message board.

A big app with small helpful tricks.

M.ELU is a unique service of convenience for families with a number of helpful solutions for organizing family matters. There are a number of different possibilities, which is why we have included instructions for each action. Press the question mark icon to see instructions on the screen. These instructions can be moved out of the way by simply swiping them upwards with your finger. An easy trick!

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