Cloud Server

This is the most state-of-the-art way to use a high-quality domestic server.

  • You only pay for the server capacity that you have actually used.
  • Adjust the performance of your server in real-time to meet your needs.
  • Create your first Cloud Server in five minutes..

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Specify indicators

You can specify the indicators that you want your Cloud Server to meet. You can set a price cap or create a flexible Cloud Server that will never run out of space, because the service adapts to consumption. As always, you only pay for the capacity you have actually used.

Grow based on your needs

Adjust the performance of your server when you want, and exactly as much as you want. Your adjustment takes force immediately.

A quick start

You can create your first Cloud Server in five minutes. Simply specify the server capacity or select it from the existing configurations – and you will be marching into a new era with your company.

Sample prices and configuration

When using the Cloud Server, you only pay for the server capacity that has been actually consumed. So as to better understand the prices, we have put together a few sample packages.

Example #1

  • 1 processor
  • 2048 MB of RAM
  • 30 GB hard drive
  • 1 IP address
  • 1 TB of net traffic per month
  • Linux OS

€23,55 per month

Example #2

  • 2 processors
  • 4096 MB of RAM
  • 50 GB hard drive
  • 1 IP address
  • 1 TB of net traffic per month
  • Linux OS

44,54 € per month

Example #3

  • 4 processors
  • 8192 MB of RAM
  • 80 GB hard drive
  • 1 IP address
  • 1 TB of net traffic per month
  • Linux OS

97,29 € per month

Questions and answers

User questions and our answers give an excellent overview of the options offered by the Cloud Server.

The Cloud Server is a virtual server service, designed to operate a company’s commercial applications. You can conveniently introduce the server environment as a server, without having to deal with hardware issues. Control over the capacity of the server is always in the hands of the customer.

You can specify the required technical indicators of the server service in the Cloud Server web interface. The price is based on the resources consumed – memory, disk space, number of processors, network speed, etc. It is possible to set a price cap or to create a flexible Cloud Server that never runs out of space, because the service adapts based on consumption requirements.

The Cloud Server supports the operating systems Windows 2012, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Gentoo) and FreeBSD.

When using the Cloud Server, you only pay for what you consume – calculated on the basis of astronomical hours.

OneSpot is an environment that consolidates a business customer’s cloud services, to make them easily manageable.

The Cloud Server is intended for all business customers who need a well-functioning server platform to house their applications (web services, web servers, databases or development platforms). For those who would like to use a server in the form of a service, instead of owning and managing one.

The platform’s flexible settings and price are well-suited for businesses whose needs vary on a seasonal basis. All of the above is also suited for new companies and applications being developed, the future resource needs of which are difficult to foresee at first. The service permits the short or long-term operational expansion of resources (without the service itself being disrupted).

A Cloud Server user can use a server park that meets his or her needs without having to invest in fixed assets or waiting for servers to be delivered. Server costs are under control, since you are consuming only the volume you need. Figuratively speaking: the Cloud Server is like a customer’s own server – creation and maintenance is under the customers’ control. Your company’s IT personnel can focus on managing and developing the unique applications of your company.

Telia is responsible for the rapid delivery of service, a secured space, the functioning of the server platform and disruptions related to the server platform.

Before you can start using the Cloud Server service you have to enter into a Cloud Server product agreement. You can do that by completing a form available on the product’s website or OneSpot, the administrative environment for the Cloud Server. After signing the agreement, a main user with the corresponding rights will be created for the customer, and the user ID will be sent. Using his or her username, the customer enters the web-based administrative environment for the Cloud Server in the OneSpot environment.

Once the customer has logged in, he or she will be able to set up suitable management environments. The price of the service depends on the choices made by the customer, which can be monitored once logged in to the environment. The price is displayed in real time, reflecting the daily cost of the server or components. The main user can add or remove additional users in real time.

Go to the page and enter the username and password you received after signing the contract.

If you have not yet signed a contract, click the button "Send me a Cloud Server offer".

Changes made in the Cloud Server environment are applied within a few minutes, depending on the nature of the change. It may happen that after some operations the server needs to be restarted. Please follow the information displayed on the screen carefully.
If you cannot log in, try entering your password again. If the problem persists, contact us by writing to or calling 606 9944.
If you have forgotten your username and password, click on "Have you forgotten your password?" and enter your e-mail address in the following window. Your information will be resent to you.

You pay for the Cloud Server at the end of each calendar month for the prior month. The terms and conditions for paying the bill can be found in the customer agreement.

Real-time reports on expenses for current and selected intervals are available in the Cloud Server environment.

Cloud Server users can be added by the authorized main user of the service in the customer’s company. To create users, the main user has to enter the OneSpot environment, click on "Users" in the menu row in the header, and choose the necessary settings.
A management service is currently being developed for Cloud Servers located in the OneSpot environment. Until then, take a look at the management service for our virtual server and ask your customer representative for more information or contact the Business Customer service.