The TwinSIM service allows you to use your phone number in a second device like your smart watch, car phone or another cell phone. You get a second SIM card which means you can use the number in several devices at the same time.

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Connection fee 3 €
Monthly fee 3 €
Monthly fee for an Internet package. See more
Changing your costly Internet package based on a monthly fee to a cheaper package or choosing a package without a monthly fee. 1,62 €
Changing your costly Internet package based on a monthly fee to a cheaper package 0 €
Internet without a monthly fee (the service is disabled when the daily data amount of 100 MB is reached) €1 a day
Additional data ordered for the Internet package without a monthly fee when the daily data amount of 100 MB is reached €1 per 100 MB

The following principles are applied to paying for the calls, messages and Internet services of the second number.

Calls and short messages

  • The calls made and messages sent are charged on the basis of the service package of the main number.
  • The second number (with a package based on the data volume) shares the amount of call minutes and messages with the main number.
  • The second number can use the friend number discount associated with the main number.


  • The second number cannot use the Internet included in the Internet package of the main number (except for the Mobile Life package if the TwinSIM number is added to the Mobile Life group).
  • You have to order a separate Internet package for the second number. See our packages.
  • The special Internet prices and discounts of the main number are not applicable to the TwinSIM number.

Only the owner of the main number or an authorized person can order the TwinSIM service.


The incoming calls of the main number can be forwarded to the TwinSIM number. If the device using the TwinSIM card does not pick up the call during a certain period, the call is forwarded to the main number again.

Managing the service is fast and convenient and you can use service numbers or service codes to do it. You can save the relevant numbers or codes under speed dial hot keys. This way you can start managing the TwinSIM service with a single press of a button.

Choose your preferred way to manage the service from the table below.

  Call the following service number Choose the following service code and press the key for starting a call
Forwarding (available only from the TwinSIM number) 509 6001 *960*1#
Stop forwarding to the TwinSIM number (available from the TwinSIM number and the main number) 509 6000 *960*0#

NB! When you are abroad you can manage the service only with service codes. If the service provider does not support using the symbols * and #, the TwinSIM service cannot be managed in this country.

When you have forwarded your calls to the TwinSIM number, the second device (smart watch, car phone, or another phone) notifies you about the incoming call first. If the TwinSIM number does not pick up within three ringing sounds, the call is automatically forwarded to the main number again.

When you switch off the device with the TwinSIM card and forget to stop the forwarding service, the main number automatically receives the incoming calls.

If you use a hands-free car phone and activate it, all the incoming calls are directed to the car phone. When you leave the car, all the calls are directed to your cell phone again. Modern cars have an inbuilt hands-free system compatible with almost any cell phone. In this case, you do not need a separate TwinSIM card.

You cannot forward calls from your main number to your TwinSIM number with regular call forwarding services.

You cannot order a separate voicemail service for your TwinSIM number. The TwinSIM card shares voicemail with the main number and you can use the short number 147 for voicemail services.

You can call your main number and any other number from your TwinSIM number. However, you cannot call the TwinSIM from your main number.

You can also call your company's extension numbers if you have enabled the service “Extension numbers to a company” or “Private extensions” (Lühivalik Firmale or Privaatne Lühivalik).

The roaming service ordered or opened for the main number is automatically activated for the TwinSIM number without any extra fees.

You can also send SMS messages from the TwinSIM number.

An SMS message can be sent to the TwinSIM number only if you know the actual number of the TwinSIM. You can send an SMS message from the main number to the TwinSIM number and vice versa.

You cannot forward SMS messages sent to your main number to the TwinSIM number.

You can buy lottery tickets and use the parking service with the TwinSIM number if the services are enabled for the main number.

Send an SMS message to the number 1902 from your TwinSIM with the text "license plate number space parking zone" (e.g. 123ABC KESKLINN) to start parking. If you call 1901 to start parking, the parking service is activated with the data from your last parking session, i.e. the license plate number and parking zone you used last. Dial 1903 to end your parking session. The notification messages about starting or ending your parking sessions are sent to your main number.

You can also use SurfPort or the parking app to start or end your parking session. In this case you will not receive a notification message about starting or ending your parking session.

Read more about parking.

When you make a call or send an SMS message from the TwinSIM number, your main number is displayed to the receiver.

The actual number of your TwinSIM is displayed to the receiver if

  • you make a call from the TwinSIM number in a foreign country
  • send an MMS message from your TwinSIM number