Telia SAFE that has been developed in cooperation with F-Secure is more than just an antivirus – it protects both your computer and all your smart mobile devices.

  • One protection to your laptop, PC, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Windows, Mac, Android, and soon iOS – read more about the options
  • Quick and optimal service does not slow down your devices.
  • To subscribe to the service, you do not have to join to or use any other Telia service.
  • You can also conveniently stop using the service.

Number of devices

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Monthly fee

3 months €0

Price: 1.54 /month w/o VAT


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Anti-theft protection

The contents of a smartphone are protected in case of theft.

  • This service helps you find your smart device with a silent signal or sound signal, in case of theft or when you have lost it
  • You can manage your phone from any browser


Telia SAFE is able to find the most recent malicious viruses.

  • Protection from viruses and other malicious applications that may be collecting your personal data and other similar information.
  • The service is always up to date.

Safe browsing

Browse websites and carry out online activities safely.


Stay informed of the location of your or your child’s smartphone.

Secure internet connection

Secure internet connection guarantees that your connection is always protected.

  • Protection is necessary for your home internet connection and open WiFi network
  • You can select which apps your child is allowed to use on the smart device
  • The service silently monitors your network connections, whether you are at home or using public internet connection

A lot of functions

Telia SAFE ensures secure internet connection and automatic updates.

  • The secure internet connection ensures that the internet connection you use is always protected. This function seamlessly checks the internet connection that is used, both at home and in public networks.
  • Call filter allows you to block calls from undesirable numbers
  • The security check for apps shows applications that have a lot of security issues and enables you to remove them from the device
  • Estonian content in case of Windows and Mac, the content is in English on Android


You can use Telia SAFE service both with one and several devices

Try 3 months for free


After you have subscribed to the service, we will send you two e-mails:

  • Subscription confirmation from Telia
  • User ID and password from F-Secure

Please download the application, log in and your device is protected.


In Telia SAFE administration environment you can:

  • add or remove devices to use the service
  • position smart devices
  • block or delete the content of devices in case the devices are stolen

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