As cities are becoming the centers of economy and ever larger parts of population resides in cities new challenges are coming up. More and more technology is being introduced in order to run a City efficiently and in an environmentally responsible way.

Smart City is the concept created in order to face those technological challenges together with human aspects. City, after all, is for people and technology is a tool to enhance their living environment.

Smart City approach addresses the challenge of combining technologies into common infrastructure so that new functionalities could be easily added, tinkered with and data would be usable by many partners. These partners may be new sensors that provide vital information or a new insight gathered from information that was previously locked to single-purpose technology domains.

Telia believes in making Estonia better place for people to live and work.

Enabling our cities to grow smarter, to operate better and providing better environment is how we are putting this into action. Working on making cities smart gives us also unique understanding and insights into challenges, technology and solutions that we believe helps us also to deliver better services to our customers.

In our opinion, Smart equals to Holistic and City equals to a lot of technology and services.

There you can easily see and manage all your devices and services in one place. Also you can find dashboard of your data and all your smart rules in there.


Technology behind Telia IoT ecosystem is Cumulocity.

There is only one solution for such a puzzle – Telia IoT ecosystem. Until we upgrade Tartu, we have build a small demo City to explain it all in real-life like show-case.

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Telia lego city

For better communication and understanding, Telia has built a demo city out of Lego blocks.

There are some of the future city actual use cases explained in a physical form. Even thus placed on a 2,5x2,5m table, this city model is fully controlled by Cumulocity platform.

For example:

  • Solar panel electricity production
  • Electric Vehicle charging
  • Street light controlling
  • Weather station
  • Parking control
  • Public transportation and its infotainment management

This demo city is mobile and will be publicly shown in multiple areas for educational and training purposes.

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If the challenges described above or their solutions spared an interest in you, either as you have similar challenges in your organization or you want to participate in solving them, contact us.

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