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If you cannot answer your calls, you can divert them to voicemail. The caller hears your personal message or a preset notification by Telia.

  • Calls are diverted to voicemail when the phone is outside the coverage area or switched off, or when you do not pick up the call during a certain time, or when unconditional call forwarding is activated
  • Information about new messages in your voicemail are sent via email or SMS
  • Voicemail is open around the clock, and thus no calls are missed


Subscription fee 0,00 €
Monthly fee 0,54 €
Usage fee your plan’s per-minute rate to Telia numbers

The prices are exclusive of VAT



Activity Dialled number
Voicemail main menu: enables to listen messages and change voicemail settings 147 (in Estonia)
+372 509 6006 (abroad)
Your voicemail number Your phone number
Calling your voicemail from someone else's phone 148 + your phone number in the format 5XX XXXX (in Estonia)
Leaving voicemail to another Telia customer 148 + the recipient's phone number in the format 5XX XXXX (in Estonia)
Recording your call: In Estonia, dial 147 and then 8 or immediately 1478 1478 (in Estonia)
+372 509 6066 (abroad)
Direct forwarding (when default forwarding conditions do not meet your needs) +372 509 6006 (in Estonia)
Number of voice messages up to 999 pc
Greeting length up to 5 min
Message length up to 3 min
Call recording up to 30 min (3x10 min in parts)
Unchecked messages are stored for 31 days
Recorded messages are stored for 31 days
Checked messages are stored for 31 days
Messages sent via email are stored for 31 days
Format of the sound file sent to email .wav
Sender's email address noreply@telia.ee

It is recommended to change your default PIN code (0000) the first time you call to your voicemail, so that the voicemail messages could also be listened from other phones or while being abroad.

To change the PIN code, enter a new 4-digit code. The code may not contain symbols * and #. After that, it is recommended to set up your voicemail greeting.

The calls are always forwarded to voicemail when:

  • you are outside the network coverage area
  • the mobile phone is switched off
  • you don't answer the call within 30 seconds (this time can only be decreased)

Additionally, you can activate direct forwarding if default forwarding conditions do not meet your needs. The direct forwarding number in Estonia is +3725096006

From your own phone number:

  • 147 or 5096006
  • From abroad +3725096006

From someone else's phone:

  • 148+ mobile number
  • after the greeting, press #
  • enter your PIN code.

This way you can call your voicemail from any phone.

Call someone else's voicemail:

  • 148+ mobile number.

This way you can call directly to any Telia's customer voicemail.

It is not possible to call someone's voicemail while being abroad.

In roaming networks, calls are forwarded to voicemail only if the phone is switched off or outside the network coverage area.

To listen to your voicemail messages while being abroad, dial +3725096006. If your number can be recognized, you will reach your voicemail immediately. If not,

  • you'll hear your voicemail greeting (to access voicemail, press # and enter your PIN code)


  • you are asked to enter your voicemail number (your mobile number without the state code) and then the PIN code

It is not possible to access your voicemail in roaming networks if your PIN code has not been changed (0000) (the number cannot be recognized or is transmitted incorrectly).

To call voicemail service menu, dial 147. In case of any messages, the number of new messages will be stated and they will be automatically played back, starting from the first (oldest) unchecked message.

  • Listening to the message immediately 7 (enables to directly move on to listening the message while its information is being played)

You will hear the first message, after which you can do the following:

  • repeat: 1
  • save: #
  • delete: *

The following options are available during playback:

  • rewind: 7
  • rewind to beginning: 1
  • fast forward: 9
  • next: 3
  • previous: 4

Voicemail menu enables you to change your greeting and PIN code. You can also determine whether or not leaving messages to voicemail is allowed. The self service enables you to configure sending notifications and messages by SMS or email, change the PIN code and deactivate the option of leaving voicemail messages.

To save a voicemail greeting, select number 2 in the main menu (147). You can then save a message in your own voice that will be played back to callers. Example of how a caller hears the greeting: "Hello! You've reached John Smith's voicemail. I am unable to answer your call right now. Please leave a message."

When no greeting has been recorded, the following message will be played back to a caller: "Hello! The user of this number would like you to leave a message after the beep."

Prerecorded greetings:

  • Hello! The user of this number would like you to leave a message after the beep. (male voice)
  • Hello! Unfortunately, I am unable to answer your call right now. Leave a message after the beep and I will call you back as soon as possible. (female voice)
  • Hello! Unfortunately, I am unable to answer your call right now. Leave a message after the beep and I will call you back as soon as possible. (male voice)

PIN code protects your voicemail so that others are not able to listen to your voicemail and change voicemail settings. PIN code has four digits and can be changed at any time. The initial PIN code is 0000, but it can be changed upon ordering the service and later upon configuration in the self service environment. When you select (5) "PIN code" in the main menu, a new code must be entered. Enter a four-digit code. It may not contain symbols * and # and cannot be 0000.

Voicemail can be used as a dictaphone to store important thoughts and ideas that come up during a call. You can also save your phone conversation by creating a conference call and adding voicemail service to the list of participants.

To use the recording, call 147 and press 8, or dial 1478. To record a conversation, create a conference call with voicemail and another party and connect both calls. For example: make a call to voicemail by dialling 1478, put the voicemail call on hold and call the other person. Create a conference call by pressing 3.

NB! Make sure to configure your email address - the system will use it to forward all recorded calls as audio files to your computer. To configure your email address, enter Telia self service environment and enter the email address under the voicemail settings. At Telia self-service, select menu item Mobile services -> Additional Services and press Configure at "voicemail". Enter your email address to field "Email address for messages". The call is recorded in 10-minute cycles (total recording time is 30 minutes) without interruptions. All recordings can also be found in inbox under stored messages.

Attempted call guarantees that voicemail users will receive a notification about a call even if the caller does not leave a message in voicemail.

Notification about an attempted call is not sent if the caller's number is hidden or the caller presses * during the call.


Dial 147. When abroad, dial +372 509 6006.

Go to voicemail settings/ordering page at Telia self-service and enter an email address for receiving voicemail messages from others, as well as messages saved by you.

Dial 1478 and include voicemail in your call, or record your idea. The audio file will be sent to your email.

Record a greeting to be played back to a caller upon reaching voicemail.

Set the voicemail on the self-service environment in a way that enables the caller to hear the message you recorded, but does not let them leave their own message. For that, select "Leaving messages: off" in the voicemail settings.

When you have selected notifications via SMS, the number of the caller who was directed to voicemail and the time of the call will be sent to you via SMS. It will not be sent if the call ended up in voicemail due to delayed transfer - in that case, the phone call log displays information on missed call and no additional notification is sent.

If you want to leave a message directly to someone's voicemail, add a prefix 148 to the phone number. This way the call will go directly to voicemail. The recipient's phone will not ring - they will receive an SMS or an email instead depending on their voicemail settings.