M2M Europe

We would like to offer a convenient M2M solution for your company, which includes the internet and messages at the Estonian rate in the European Union, and the option to choose capacities according to your company’s needs.

You can use the M2M solution:

  • in mobile data communication terminals;
  • in control and steering devices (for controlling gate automation, for transmitting security system alarms, for monitoring machinery, for monitoring vehicles, for using them as communication channels at payment terminals);
  • in performing different data communication solutions.

Monthly fee Calls SMS MMS GPRS (256/128Kb/s) Roaming service
M2M Europe €0,99 €0,1353/min €0.053/pc €0.08/pc €0.175/MB Yes
If you use the internet or send messages in a larger volume, we recommend that you select a capacity plan, which does not suspend the internet connection upon exceeding the capacity, but its use continues at the MB/pc rate.
30 MB 50 MB 100 MB 300 MB
GPRS €0,59 €0,79 €1,59 €2,99

30 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs
SMS €0,29 €0,49 €0,99

The prices do not include VAT.

Telia M2M packages do not receive ads via SMS channel, as this could interfere with the device’s operation.

The following additional services can be added to the M2M plan:

  • Voice service
  • International voice service
  • Static IP
  • Premium rate call barring
  • Forwarding
  • Balance reminder at the rate of telephone number
  • M-link service
  • Periodic distinction of calls and mobile internet per telephone number
  • Roaming service.
  • Outgoing calls barring
  • International calls barring
  • Incoming call barring