Conference call

Be efficient in your work: save time by avoiding logistics

Hold conference calls with various parties around the world using the next generation of landline phones. If you are unable to do so with your phone, order a PIN code for 10 days to set up conference calls with up to 20 participants.

Ordering and prices

  • Call the service number 900 1100 from a landline phone or an Telia cell phone
  • Listen to the instructions and press “1”
  • Listen to the message: “You are ordering the conference call service for ten days. The service costs €3.14, which will be added to your phone bill. To confirm, press #. To cancel, hang up.”
  • By pressing the # key, a personal PIN code will be sent to you, enabling you to access the service

PIN code for 10 days - €3.14
The price does not include VAT.

Each incoming caller pays for their call minutes according to their own service provider’s price list. Elion network customers will be charged the intra-network minute rate for a call.

Special requests are subject to special prices that depend on the configuration of the solution.

  1. To establish a conference call, all participants must call the telephone number 611 9916 and enter their personal PIN code
  2. After the PIN code has been entered, the caller will be connected to the conference room, where up to 20 participants can communicate at one time
  3. The same PIN code can be used to hold as many conferences as necessary over a period of 10 days