The various services ensure that each customer call is met with the most suitable approach through your company having a functioning database, efficient special services and a seamless communication between the customer service representative and the client.

  • Calls made to a single number are distributed among your company's employees, regardless of where they are located.
  • Thanks to the cloud service, the services can be adopted in a quick and easy manner.
  • The numerous additional options make the service customer-friendly and provide your employees the access to the best tools.

The call centre primary plan monthly fee is €30.00



  • Service number - the number clients call to.
  • Queue – the incoming calls to the service number wait in a queue. In addition, messages and/or music can be chosen to be played to the caller.
  • Agent – i.e. customer service representative, who answers the calls provided by the Call Centre. To organise shift work, it is possible to appoint several agents to one telephone on the basis of a unique username.
  • Web chat – a chat window openable on a website for agents and clients to exchange messages in.
  • Agent’s web chat – an additional service for agents to manage chats.
  • Queue – a waiting list for chats.
  • Time schedule - enables to determine the working hours of the call centre, whereby different rules to queues can be determined.
  • Call management mode - enables to determine the different systems for the management of calls during working days, days off and holidays.
  • Computer-phone interface - enables to link the call centre with the business software (CRM) of the client.
  • Click and call – enables with one click to start calls from the calling centre's register.
  • Mailbox – ensures that the calls received after the working hours will not be lost.
  • Redirecting calls - alleviates the work load of employees by automatically distributing the calls received on one number between different answerers (agents).
  • Display of number, queue and caller's name - by using Business Phone as numbers, the customer service representative sees the queue name where the call is coming from (this helps to prepare for the topic), the caller's number and name of the incoming call.
  • Welcoming text - before connecting the call, the answering machine reads out the introductory text that has been previously recorded.
  • Statistics - gives an overview of the calls and answers occurred.


  • Customers call to the service number upon which they are distributed between agents according to the rules of the service number and queue.
  • Among other things, the calls can be distributed according to the callers number:
    • VIP queue
    • Black list manages unwanted numbers according to a separate rule

Queue - the incoming calls to the service number wait in a queue. In addition, messages and/or music can be chosen to be played to the caller.

With a queue additional service, the caller is sent a voice message revealing their queue number or how many minutes they have to wait until their call is answered. Also, it redirects a recurrent caller to the same agent and includes an automatic reply to e-mails.

An existing phone with which calls to be serviced are distributed. The telephone can be of any kind, regardless of the technology or service provider, including mobile phones and desk phones.

A chat box which opens on the website for the agent and customer to exchange messages in.

Additional service for agents to manage chats.

The waiting line of calls and chats.

  • It provides a multi-layered service selection with the keypad, for example first the language selection after which comes the service selection.
  • Call back request service will provide people in queue the opportunity to stop waiting and call back later.
  • Monitoring gives an overview of what is happening in the call centre: number of agents logged in, agents engaged with clients, calls that are active and in queue.
  • Reporting enables to pre-define often used reports.
  • Supervisor - the administrator can listen, guide and, if necessary, take over an agent's call.

Enables to appoint an information map to an agent during a call on the basis of the queue, and classify calls for further analysis.

Enables recording calls in order to listen and analyse them later: aids to improve the customer service and increase sales. The recording can be sent to the FTP server.

Time schedules make it possible to set work schedules for agents and automatically log agents in and out of the Call Centre according to the schedule.

The Campaign Calls service allows the administrator to upload lists of phone numbers which the agents should call for carrying out, for example, a sales campaign or a survey. Up to three phone numbers and a topic on which to talk to can be entered per person to be contacted. After the campaign sample has been activated, the Call Centre will start offering calls to logged in agents, ensuring that all members of the sample will be called systematically.

The Net Promoter Score service lets callers evaluate the quality of the service after the call.

The price is without VAT



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