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Additional services

Get the most out of your cell phone service and take advantage of our additional services to help improve your business. If you cannot find a suitable service from the ones listed below, please contact us for advice.

Twin number


Two phone numbers on one SIM card and phone.

Twin number

The Twin Number service enables you to use two mobile numbers on one SIM card and phone: one number is for work and the other is private.

  • Private number associated with your work number enables free calls to your family members registered under your name
  • You can use m-commerce solutions which your employer does not cover
  • Limit on international calls
  • Limit on international calls while abroad
  • Your employer will not be able to see itemized list of your private calls

To subscribe to the Twin Number service, visit your closest Telia store.

How to subscribe and pricing

Subscription fee €0
Plan fee (includes 100 mins of voice time) €2.10
Minimum billing amount €0
Family calls (calls with Twin Number to numbers on the same contract) €0
Calls to Telia numbers €0.04
Calls to other mobile and fixed networks €0.04
Messaging allowance 100 msgs €1.60
Messaging allowance 500 msgs €3.59
Over allowance messaging rate, or if allowance has not been set €0.096
MMS As per prices valid for the main number
Video call €0.04

How to order

The Twin Number service is available only for residential customers. To subscribe, visit your closest Telia store.

When you subscribe to Twin Number, you will keep the SIM card which is associated with your work number. Your private number can be your old private number, there’s no need to take a new number.

Outgoing calls, SMSs, and other paid services are billed to the number which was active when the operation was made. Both numbers are billed separately, and the bill contains only these services which are used on this number.

With Twin Number, you have to enter a service code before dialing the number in order to select whether to use your work or private number.

Operation Code
Activate work number *201#
Activate private number *202#
Activated number query *200#

Tip: save these codes as speed dial numbers for quick access.

Caller ID

If you make an outgoing call using the Twin Number service, the receiver of the call sees the number that was activated before the call.

If the incoming call number starts with:

  • 00372, the call is made from a private number
  • a regular prefix (+372), the call is made from work number

If you use TwinSIM service with Twin Number and TwinSIM forwarding is active, all calls received both on private and work numbers are forwarded to TwinSIM device (e.g. smart watch).

Twin Number users should not forward calls from work number to private number, and vice versa, because the phone rings regardless on which number the call is received.

Parking service can be used simultaneously only on one number – either private or work number.



You can now call over the 4G network and enjoy even better voice quality.