You can connect your company’s telephone switchboard with the telephone network easily by using the switchboard’s IP connection.

  • Efficient and with high availability Switchboard IP ensures smooth performance of your office’s telephony solutions.
  • Telia is responsible for the Internet connection and switchboard’s IP connection. The switchboard’s sales agent is responsible for the maintenance of the switchboard.
  • The switchboard’s sales agent or installer can provide you with details on compatibility between your telephone switchboard and switchboard’s IP connection.


The number of phone numbers ordered for the switchboard’s IP connection depends on how many phones used in the switchboard have the necessary (direct) number of the telephone network. Internet speed depends on the number of simultaneous calls.

Our experts can help you to set up the switchboard. The delivery time is up to four working days.

  • Price per number: €1.85 (minimum 10 numbers, from the 11th number the numbers can be added singularly)
  • Monthly fee starting at €18.50

The prices are exclusive of VAT


or contact your account manager or Telia’s business customer service.


To achieve reliability and high quality, we recommend using Telia’s Internet connection as a base service for the swithcboard’s IP connection.

  • Switchboard connections require Internet connection (recommended: Telia’s Internet connection with Quality of Service support)
  • When choosing Internet connection speed, keep in mind that one voice channel uses approximately 100 Kbps of data.
  • Internet connection must use a public static address, because with switchboard’s IP connection the client switchboard’s IP traffic is authorized only from a preset IP address
  • To ensure VoIP voice service quality, we recommend using only switches in local area network. It is not recommended to use more than 4 switches in a row, and hubs must be avoided altogether.
  • We recommend installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) at most critical LAN nodes and workstations that use IP phone.


The switchboard must meet certain technical requirements.

The switchboard must meet the following technical requirements:

  • voice services requires G711A codec;
  • telephone switchboard must meet technical requirements set forth by RFC3261 and RFC 3264;
  • telephone switchboard must open RTP stream upon receiving180, 183 and 200 reply code;
  • telephone switchboard must use the most recent SDP when reply codes 180 and 183 arrive with different SDP content following another SDP content;
  • If SDP changes before the call is answered, the telephone switchboard must accept the new SDP and changed TO tag;
  • telephone switchboard must generate a local call sign check signal if reply code 180 Ringing is received without SDP;
  • sending and receiving DTMF signals must meet RFC2833 requirements;
  • in addition to authentication method described by RFC3261, the telephone switchboard must support RFC2617 authentication method "Digest Access Authentication scheme";
  • session timers must meet requirements set forth by RFC4028;
  • if the telephone switchboard is located behind Internet connection with address translation, the switchboard must open voice stream to be able to hear call sign checks and network notifications;
  • switch must not use flow control.

Telephone switchboard configuration parameters:

Telephone switchboard must be registered in the system.
So-called “pilot account“ is used for registration (1 account per telephone switchboard).

  • Registrar:
  • Outbound proxy:
  • Username format (From), REGISTER:
  • Auth username format, REGISTER:

To make outgoing calls, the account must be registered in the system from the location where the call is initiated (IP address and port). To initiate calls, INVITE message must include P-Preferred-Identity field with sip URL registered beforehand.

  • Proxy:
  • Outbound proxy:
  • Username format(P-Preferred-Identity), INVITE:
  • Username format (From), REGISTER: sip:;user=phone
  • Auth username format, REGISTER:
  • Mandatory codecs: g711a (pcma)