Enable your company's employees to use short numbers for internal calls.

  • Both mobile and landline calls are available
  • You can manage your expenses
  • All internal calls are free and only monthly service fee must be paid


Connection fee
At the shop €1.35
Through self-service €0
Monthly fee for one Speed dial group €9.59
Management fee
At the shop €0.1349*
Through self-service €0
User fee
Internal landline and mobile calls of one speed dial group €0
Mobile speed dial call to a virtual member €0
Speed dial call to a virtual member €0
SMS to a short number €0
The prices do not include VAT * the fee for one change to the speed dial group

or contact your customer service representative.


  • Only a number in the Telia network can be added to speed dial.
  • When using speed dial in connection with a switchboard, the switchboard must allow for the activation of the service.
  • A mobile or landline number can only belong to one speed dial group as a full member.
  • Users belonging to the same speed dial group are able to use short numbers when calling each other on mobile and landline phones. Short numbers can be either 3 or 4 digits and begin with either a 5 or 6 depending on whether the call is going out to a mobile or landline phone.