Hallo Internet calls

With Hallo you are always available and can make calls over the Internet, anywhere in the world, at your home network rates. There is no fee for receiving calls.

  • Download the Hallo app and use mobile Internet or a suitable WiFi hotspot.
  • You can use Hallo in a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – all at the same time.

Lõpetame Hallo tarkvaratelefoni pakkumise alates 03.01.2017

Telia lõpetab vähese kasutuse tõttu tarkvaratelefoni Hallo pakkumise alates 03.01.2017. Tarkvarale uuendusi enam ei lisandu. Olemasolevad kasutajad saavad tarkvara samadel tingimustel edasi kasutada. Telia internetikõnede teenuseid saab arvutis ja nutiseadmetes kasutada erinevate vabavaraliste tarkvaradega nagu X-Lite, LinPhone, Media5-fone jt.


Internet Phone voice plan applies to calling with Hallo on Telia business phones and residential landline phones.

  • When calling with Hallo, user-based service plan rates are applicable for Telia customers. Even abroad.
  • When calling a foreign number, prices for calling abroad from Estonia apply.
  • Signing up for and using Hallo is free for Telia business telephone and private voice telephony customers.
  • For Telia customers, Hallo is a monthly fee based additional service. Joining costs €0 using self-service and €3 at our office. The monthly fee is €3. Prices do not include VAT.
  • To make calls over the Internet, your data connection must be switched on and Hallo must be continuously operating in the background. To use Hallo while mobile, you need a 4G or 3G connection, or WiFi hotspot. In some networks, primarily public WiFi networks, you must first open a web browser to activate the Internet service; only then can you log in to Hallo.
  • There may be additional Internet costs for using Hallo. When in a mobile Internet coverage area, we recommend selecting a suitable monthly payment method that includes sufficient data (a 1-minute call takes approximately 1.3 MB).


You can use the Hallo on Android and iOS smart devices, on Windows computers, and even with IP phones.

Use Hallo with the following devices:

Android smartphone






Windows laptop


With Telia Mobile Internet you no longer need to look for a WiFi hotspot

Our recommendation to you is the Telia Mobile Internet. You will no longer need to worry about Internet use abroad resulting in unexpectedly large bills. We have set a default daily limit for all Internet packages in phones and mobiles.

The daily limit of the roaming service allows you to keep your costs under control. This means that for a fixed price you will receive a specific volume of data communication, and use will be restricted if you exceed it. This way, the cost of data communication will also be noticeably cheaper.

The daily limit for the roaming service is applicable by default for all packages that include Internet in the phone and in computers.