We have created a system which will calculate the most suitable capacity for calls and Internet and the most reasonable pricing for your business. We will review your current use of capacity and based on the results, recommend the best package for your business.

The Mobile Life plan for business is adjusted according to the needs of your company:

  • Calls, messages and internet in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia at the Estonian rate.
  • The plan contains enough call minutes and messages for your phone.
  • You can divide the Internet capacity of the plan between your smart devices.

Read more about the Mobile Life here.

After log in, you can see in the table below the average use of your company’s mobile numbers within three months and the recommendation for the changes based thereon. You can choose which changes you want to make, ticking the relevant boxes and clicking on the button “Confirm” at the end of the page. The changes in the plan will be made in 15 minutes, for bigger capacities within a day. Based on usage, new offers will be calculated every day.

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If your mobile number has been used in some Baltic or Scandinavian country within three months, we offer you the Mobile Life plan for business enabling you to pay for your calls, messages and Internet in these countries at the Estonian rate.

If your mobile number has been used within last three months for making the calls lasting more than 400 minutes on the average, we offer you the Mobile Life plan for business the monthly fee of which contains free calls to Telia’s network and 1,000 minutes of call time to other networks.

If your mobile number has used mobile internet capacity below 50% or over 90% compared to the ordered capacity as the average of three months, we offer you to increase or reduce the internet capacity. In addition, we will transfer you internet to the plan with the speed of 300 Mb/s (unless it has already taken place).