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Hardware as a Service

This is a great solution for purchasing equipment in a way that allows you to use high-quality devices in your company without making large investments.

  • You’ll get to use the latest devices for a reasonable monthly fee
  • Choose a period of use that suits you best
  • You can cancel the service at any time

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Monthly fee

By renting a licence, you will pay a monthly fee only for the licences that you use.

World class software

Access to high-quality hardware, warranty service included, at an affordable price.

Less stress

Our warehouse of spare parts and replacement devices ensures that we can fix hardware faster than the manufacturer would.

Terms and Conditions of the hardware service

When renting servers from Telia, service level agreement (SLA) applies. There is no need to make a significant initial investment when you need a new server, as you can pay for the service in monthly payments.

  • This not a lease or a financial intermediation, which is offered by banks or other credit institutions, but service with a previously agreed upon service level (SLA), to which no period or deadline applies.
  • We provide hardware that matches specific parameters – changing these parameters will also bring about changes in the monthly fee.
  • The client has the right to change the parameters of the performance level or volume of hardware at any time; this will either increase or decrease their monthly fee.
  • The client can also change the server for a more powerful or a smaller server at any time– a fee applies to related project work, but we will conduct the work.
  • Microsoft SPLA licence conditions require that the hardware be owned by the service provider, so that Microsoft licences can be provided for the client to use for a monthly fee and under favourable conditions.
  • 70% of our clients have undergone at least one hardware change every two years of using the service, during which licences are often subject to change as well.

Order Hardware as a Service

The service price depends on the price, configuration and service level of hardware.

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