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IT Consultations

We will be your partner when it comes to mapping and developing solutions to IT issues. What are the main parts of our consultation?

  • Auditing, analysis and optimization of the risks and expenses of an IT environment
  • Creation of IT action plans and long-term functioning and development model
  • Analysis, management and execution of IT projects

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We will organize your company’s IT environment

It is easy to make decisions if you have a clear overview of the existing IT environment, and its strengths and weaknesses. Elion will help you audit the entire IT environment or some parts of it, and identify and map the existing assets or resources. In addition to explaining, we will make proposals about what you could change, and to what extent, in order to achieve optimal results.

We will help you in finding out various IT requirements and carrying out projects

Making changes in IT systems is a huge effort for the entire organization. It is even more complicated to arrive at an understanding of what to change and why, and to be sure that the change will result in the desired effect. We will help you to identify different needs, make assessments with a fresh and impartial view, provide explanations and justifications to various parties, and will help you implement amendment projects.

You do not have to come up with everything on your own

If you can see and feel that some parts of the IT system need a change, it would be unreasonable to spend too much time on gathering information on various topics and trying to build something on your own. It would be much smarter to take a look at Telia’s solutions to similar incidents for its clients. Telia is home to the most extensive experience and competence in Estonia when it comes to realizing IT projects. All of these people are ready to help you with their experiences and ideas.

Why should I order IT consultation from Telia?

  • We have a large customer portfolio and extensive experience in implementing various solutions
  • We will view your company with fresh and impartial eyes


  • We have competent employees who are capable of providing experience-based, high-quality service.
  • We believe that it is always possible to find solutions that are better or more optimal than the current ones.

Order an IT consultation from Telia

Order an IT consultation from Telia

The fee for an IT consultation will be calculated based on the level and volume of the service, as agreed.

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