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IT Management

You will not have to worry when you buy in the IT management service, because we ensure the best competences and build an IT environment that creates value for your company. What are the main tasks of an Telia IT manager?

  • See the company's activities with a new pair of eyes and recommend innovative and optimal solutions.
  • Be a reliable partner, one who represents the company’s interests in negotiations and in resolving everyday questions.
  • Be responsible for changes and resolving problems.

IT management can be purchased as a service

The IT management service is performed in accordance with the company’s needs, and the volumes of the service can be changed over time. Therefore, the IT manager does not always have to be employed full-time in your office. Instead, it could also be a role that you entrust to your IT partner.

The extensive experience of Elion IT managers is at your disposal

Experiences with IT management and solutions for various companies and knowledge about the technologies used within Elion create the best synergy, which we can immediately employ for your company.

The IT manager creates value for your business

The bigger the company, the more important the role of IT. The IT manager will definitely be able to create commercial value for a company with 50 employees. An IT environment that ensures the optimal functioning of the company’s main processes, and creates new opportunities for business development, is a challenge we are boldly ready to accept!

More about the service

  • Mapping and documenting the IT environment
  • Identifying the company’s IT needs
  • Preparing IT development plans
  • Preparing and monitoring the IT budget
  • Managing IT projects
  • Optimizing the IT environment
  • Representing the company in the IT field at various cooperation partners
  • Organizing and coordinating IT procurements
  • Managing the resolution of bigger problems
  • Creating and implementing IT policies and rules within the company
  • Managing the work of the IT department
  • Having an overview of IT assets
  • Experiences with IT management and solutions for various companies, and knowledge of the technologies used within Telia, creates the best synergy, which we can immediately employ for your company.
  • When you buy in the services of an IT manager, you only pay for the role of the IT manager.
  • The volume of the service can be changed depending on need.
  • Telia is responsible for finding a suitable person for the company.
  • The IT manager can use the experience and knowledge of specialists at Telia.

Order IT management

The monthly fee for IT management will be calculated based on the level and volume of the service agreed on.

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