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Special IT solutions

Solutions tailored to your company that take into account the peculiarities of your business create an integral IT environment and make sure that various devices and systems are viable.

  • We integrate the devices and solutions of different manufacturers and service providers and make them work as one system.
  • We accommodate virtual and physical servers and cover server room necessities for both bigger and smaller customer solutions.
  • We ensure the monitoring of systems and the accessibility of services based on your needs.
  • We create document recovery plans and testing routines to ensure that the service is operational.

Pre-purchase support

We make recommendations and map the necessities of your company, helping you to make practical decisions when purchasing equipment or services.

We can help you to draw up your IT budget.

Implementing IT solutions

We can help you to install and configure the various devices and applications of your company and create a suitable IT environment for handling processes.


We monitor the viability of your company's systems and devices through central monitoring systems round the clock and act as agreed when problems occur.

Order special IT solutions

The monthly fees for special IT solutions are calculated on the basis of the service level and volume.

Get an offer

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