Telia Digital Hub

Telia Digital Hub

We take care of the safety and security of the event
In order to ensure the safety of the participants in the event, we strictly follow all regulations and rules related to the coronavirus on site. You can also take part in the most important technology event of the year online.

We would like to invite CEOs and technology and information security managers to participate in Telia Digital Hub, a major digiti-sation event, taking place on 11 November 2020 at the Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel) to benefit from the latest information, ideas, and inspiration for promoting business.

Telia Digital Hub will host presentations and discussions on IoT, 5G, cybersecurity, cloud technologies, and integrated IT solu-tions. Among the speakers are renowned digitisation visionaries from Europe and key opinion leaders from the Estonian technol-ogy landscape who will highlight the most important new developments and changes to keep you abreast of today’s and tomor-row’s digitisation trends.

At the event with 200 guests, it is possible to get a closer look at the latest offers of technology companies, listen to practical advice, and communicate with representatives of significant businesses. This is the place to contribute to the future of your business.


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Telia Digital Hub



The presentations and discussions of the programme will cover topics related to IoT, 5G, cybersecurity, cloud technologies, and integrated IT solutions. In addition, practical presentations of Telia’s partner companies will take place on the stage of Guru Bar in the EXPO area, allowing you to get acquainted with the latest technologies in the field of digitisation.


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Opening words
Holger Haljand, Head of B2B at Telia Eesti


‘Transforming Legacy Organizations in Times of Crisis’ (in english)

Kris Østergaard,Co-founder and Chief Learning & Innovation Officer of SingularityU Nordic





Lunch and expo



Main stage


Interim summaries


Holger Haljand, Head of B2B at Telia Eesti

Registration conditions

Registration is open until 1 November 2020 or until there are no vacancies.

If you want to change or cancel your registration, you can do so until 31 October 2020 by sending an email to

In terms of the spread of COVID-19, we shall follow the instructions provided by the Government of the Republic and the Health Board to ensure the safety of participants and organisers.



Telia Digital Hub

Andres Kukke

Deputy Director General at Statistics Estonia

Andres has worked in the field of data management for over 20 years and he has also carried out more than 60 business analytics projects in both Estonian and foreign companies. He is currently working as the Deputy Director General for Information Technology and Data Science at Statistics Estonia. The ambition of Statistics Estonia is to become the Estonian Data Agency and establish a fact-based decision support for the state, combining modern data management, statistics, and analytics. The passion of Andres involves finding patterns and models in the data and, therefore, create competitive advantages for both companies and the state.

Telia Digital Hub

Jenny Radcliffe

People Hacker

Jenny is an expert in security, fraud detection, and non-verbal communication, using smart solutions based on human psychology in her daily job. Jenny is hired as a ‘people hacker’ to test the security measures of various companies. She has led simulated attacks against companies of all types and sizes, as well as instructed teams of diverse expertise and experience to protect cus-tomers’ websites and information from malicious attacks.

Jenny is the host of the award-winning podcast The Human Factor and a regular keynote speaker at international security-related conferences and events (Infosec, Rant, DISA, Nordic IT Security, ICS2, Trend Micro, Cisco, NTT, Bright talk, Cyber Security Week).

Telia Digital Hub

Jüri Heero

Member of the Management Board and Head of IT at LHV Pank

Over the last 20 years, Jüri has been engaged in growing LHV, and since 2007 he has been a member of the bank’s management board and the Head of IT.

Telia Digital Hub

Kalev Pihl

Chairman of the Management Board at SK ID Solutions

Kalev has a master’s degree in Mathematics and he has been active in the field of electronic identity for over 20 years. He has worked as a specialist and manager in the public and private sector, and since 2008 he has led SK ID Solutions AS. Kalev is also the leader of the Information Security Council of the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Telia Digital Hub

Kaspar Hioväin

CIO at ETK Group / COOP Estonia

Kaspar Hioväin has been involved in IT development projects for 15 years at the level of specialist, project manager, and development manager, and for the last ten years, he has worked as the CIO at ETK Group / COOP Estonia. IT plays an important role in the work of Estonia’s largest food and consumer goods store chain: each development impacts the movement of millions of items between suppliers, warehouses, and stores, and the daily work of approximately a thousand people with databases. COOP uses a variety of cloud technologies to support its business, as well as its own data centre solutions.

Telia Digital Hub

Kristo Vaher

Chief Technology Officer of the Government of Estonia

Kristo has been a hands-on engineer for most of his life, leading technology teams and working as a software architect in the media, banking, and public sector, building several modern information systems. He believes in the principles of event-driven micro-services and domain-driven design, and currently, together with his team, he is responsible for the next generation architecture and technology vision of the digital state.

Telia Digital Hub

Marek Trautmann

CIO at BLRT Grupp

Marek has been the CIO at BLRT Grupp since 2011. He has previously worked as the Head of IT in large companies, such as Kalev AS, Kreenholmi Valduse AS, and Saku Õlletehase AS.

Telia Digital Hub

Nikita Strezhnev

Head of Data Analytics at Rimi Baltic

Nikita joined Rimi in 2017 as a customer data manager. He currently manages the data science team at Rimi, and he is also responsible for data analysis and AI strategy implementation in the Baltic countries. Before joining Rimi, he was the Baltic Business and Sales Analyst at Carlsberg.
Nikita graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga with a degree in Economics and Business, and he is active in the Latvian data analytics community: he often speaks at conferences, is a valued training provider, and delivers lectures at universities.

Telia Digital Hub

Ott Velsberg

Government Chief Data Officer in Estonia

Ott Velsberg is responsible for the strategic coordination of the e-governance data issues and topics, such as data management, artificial intelligence, and open data.

Telia Digital Hub

Rain Laane

Chairman of the Management Board at Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Rain Laane graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 1994 as a civil engineer and in 2003 obtained an MBA degree from the Estonian Business School. He began his career in high school as a programmer in a small business – Kompuuter. In 1997, he joined IBM and in 2005, another major US IT company, Microsoft, where he worked for 12 years as a regional manager in Estonia and the Baltics. In 2017, he was elected to lead the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, i.e. the Health Insurance Fund of the future. Rain has several passions: people, technology, and healthy lifestyle, which together form an excellent combination to ensure online innovation in the health sector.

Telia Digital Hub

Raul Rikk

National Cyber Security Policy Director, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Raul Rikk has been the National Cyber Security Policy Director since the beginning of 2019, and his main role is to coordinate and manage national cybersecurity and develop policies, development plans, and legislation in this area.
Previously, Raul Rikk worked at the e-Governance Academy as the Head of National Cyber Security and for ten years on the development of digital state and cybersecurity capabilities in various countries and international projects. Raul has a master’s degree in National Defence Management from the Finnish National Defence University and a master’s degree in Information Technology Management from Tallinn University. He is also a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College.

Telia Digital Hub

Siim Sikkut

CIO of the Government of the Republic of Estonia

Siim Sikkut has been the Head of IT of the Estonian state, or CIO, since March 2017, officially named as the Deputy Secretary General of Communications and State Information Systems of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. His task is to develop strategy and policies, as well as initiate and manage initiatives for the development of the digital state and information society in Estonia. Siim is one of the initiators of the Estonian e-Residency programme, and in 2018 and 2019 he was chosen by Apolitical as one of the 20 most influential digital state promoters in the world.

Telia Digital Hub

Tiit Hallas

Information Security Manager at LHV

Tiit has worked in the IT field throughout his career, of which he has been active in the field of information security for more than ten years. He received his education at the Tallinn University of Technology in Information Systems Development; his master’s degree in Information Security came from the joint curriculum of Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu. In terms of information security management, Tiit has experience in both the public and private sector, and in the latter case mainly in the financial sector.

Telia Digital Hub

Tiit Paananen

Vice-President at Veriff

The task of Tiit at Veriff is to secure the company’s leading position in the field of personal identification. His previous experience is related to software development and testing in companies, such as Pipedrive and Skype. At Pipedrive, Tiit built a team in three years to ensure that the Pipedrive app could be updated 60 times a day without any customers noticing. At Skype, Tiit spent eight years ensuring Skype’s leadership in online chats with ongoing software testing and iterative version upgrades.
Thanks to his interest in beer brewing, he founded Põhjala Brewery, which is today one of the few breweries in the Baltics and Scandinavia belonging to one of the top 100 breweries in the world according to RateBeer.

Telia Digital Hub

Ingrid Toonekurg

Country Manager for Microsoft Estonia and Sales Manager for Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe Multi-Country Cluster Business Solutions

Ingrid has 20 years of experience working in the IT sector, having previously managed the sales of Microsoft Baltic services and products to corporate, medium, and small customers.

Telia Digital Hub

Kris Østergaard

Co-founder and Chief Learning & Innovation Officer of SingularityU Nordic, Author of the bestseller ‘Transforming Legacy Organizations’

Kris is the Co-founder and Chief Learning & Innovation Officer of SingularityU Nordic, an educational company based in Copenhagen. He has written the bestseller ‘Transforming Legacy Organizations’ in which he explains how to transform traditional organisations into innovation leaders. He is also the Co-founder of the Thinkubator Business Accelerator and the Dare2Mansion Business Incubator. Kris is also an angel investor and advises both start-up companies and large international companies.

Telia Digital Hub

Kätlin Alvela

Director-General at Emergency Response Centre

Kätlin Alvela has been the Director-General at Emergency Response Centre since 2017. She leads an organisation of 250 people whose task is to be the first helper in a situation where people’s lives, health or property are in danger. People call 112 a million times a year, and the work of the Emergency Response Centre is to guide ambulance, rescuers, and the police to those in need. As a manager, Kätlin has worked for a total of 16 years, and most of that time at the Police and Border Guard Board. Kätlin graduated from the University of Tartu with a degree in Social Work and Rehabilitation Management, and she received her master’s degree in Political Science from Tallinn University. In 2019, she graduated from the Estonian Business School with an Executive Coach diploma. As a leader, Kätlin is passionate, committed, and focused on development and innovation.

Telia Digital Hub

Pille Lehis

Director General at Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate

Pille has been working as the Director General at Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate since 19 August 2019. Prior to that, she worked at the Tax and Customs Board for 14 years, where she started her job as the Legal Advisor in Court Proceedings in 2005 and eventually became the Field Manager of Court Proceedings. As the Director General at Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate, Pille also participates in the Advisory Committee of the European Data Protection Board and the Council of Europe. She graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu.

Telia Digital Hub

Piret Hirv

Cluster Manager of HealthTech and Connected Health at Tehnopol

Telia Digital Hub

Raul Siem

Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology of the Republic of Estonia

Raul Siem has been the Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology of the Republic of Estonia since 21 April 2020. He graduated from the Estonian National Defence Academy with a degree in Police in 1996 and Õigusinstituut in Law in 2002. Between 2019–2020, he was the Advisor at the Ministry of the Interior and previously managed Daan Õigusbürood OÜ, as well as worked as the Lawyer-Consultant at the law firm Hansalaw, the Deputy Director of Security and Supervision at Tallinn Prison, and the Head of the Tax Arrears Collection Department at the Tax and Customs Board

Telia Digital Hub

Kristofer Ågren

Head of Data Insights, Division X at Telia Company

Kristofer has been managing the Data Insights, Division X at Telia Company since 2018 and he is an experienced manager and evangelist of data analysis. Prior to joining Telia, he held business, analytics, and technology positions in various consulting organisations, start-ups, and large companies in both Europe and the United States. Christopher has a special interest in artificial intelligence and has led several initiatives in this field. Kristofer has more than 20 years of experience in technology and analytics, and has studied computer science and electrical engineering at US and Swedish universities.



In the EXPO area, you can take a look at the latest solutions of our partners. The most important technology companies in Estonia will be present there.